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Slope Stability

An Approach to the Support of Vertical Cuts in Wianamatta Shales [966 KB]

The support of vertical cuts in closely jointed, weathered shale subject to moderate loads has been provided through a system of rock bolts and shotcrete at a number of sites around Sydney. This paper presents the design approach adopted and a summary of the design for construction of the cut and cover tunnel and station box excavations at the Sydney Olympic site rail loop.

By D Anderson and P Pells

An Equatorial Quick Clay Landslide, Sumatra, Indonesia [763 KB]

A 1993 failure of a length of bank at the Siak River in Sumatra is interpreted as representing shearing of a highly sensitive marine clay. The characteristics of the slide and the properties of the clay are in the category of the ‘quick’ clay slides of Scandinavia and Canada. This appears to be the first record of quick clay slip in an Equatorial area.

By P J N Pells

Brief Notes on Designing Protection Systems Against Rocks Falling Down Slopes [427 KB]

It is often necessary to design protection systems for whatever happens to be in the path of possible falling boulders. In order to do so it is necessary to estimate the energy of the boulders that may fall down a slope and then to design a suitable structure that may either absorb or redirect this energy. This note sets out a procedure for carrying out this design process.

By P J N Pells

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