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Foundations on Rock

Foundations on Sandstone and Shale in the Sydney Region [1.75 MB]

In 1978 a sub-committee of the Australia Geomechanics Society published a paper titled “Design Loadings for Foundations on Shale and Sandstone in the Sydney Region” (Pells et al, 1978). The 1978 paper was written before a substantial burst in research activity relating to foundations on rock which occurred from the late 1970s through to the 1980s. The information from this research work, coupled with experience with the 1978 system and developments in limit state design, warranted some revisions to the original guidelines and parameters. This paper gives the modifications to the original classification system that remove ambiguities, and gives revised guidelines for incorporation in limit state design.

By P J N Pells, G Mostyn and B F Walker

The Construction of Bored Piles Socketed into Shale and Sandstone [308 KB]

This document commences with design sections covering the basic assumptions relating to construction that are involved with modern design methods. The Draft Specification Clauses define the quality of workmanship that is required during the construction stage in order for the design assumptions to be valid and for satisfactory load carrying capacity to be achieved.

By B F Walker and P J N Pells

State of Practice for the Design of Socketed Piles in Rock [4.46 MB]

Development over the past three decades in design methods for axial and lateral loads on rock socketed piles are summarised. The key factors which influence design for axial loading are presented and detailed descriptions are given of three appropriate design methods, together with worked examples. The implementation of Limit State design concepts for socketed piles is described. The writer concludes that the method by Rowe and Armitage is currently the most satisfactory design tool, although it is acknowledged that methods based on fundamental parameters controlling side shear have substantial value in assessing socketed pile behaviour.

By P J N Pells

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