ANCOLD Conference 2022 Masterclass

The question I most get asked, when discussing spillway erosion, is what method can I use to examine spillway erosion, and is it any good?

I was asked to present a masterclass on rock erosion at the ANCOLD conference in Sydney in October 2022, and used the opportunity to provide a long-winded answer to that question.  Its long because I wanted to set out the framework behind the views I have adopted, which are based upon my PhD completed 6 years ago and work I have done since then. I also want to provide enough framework so you can form your own views about how to assess spillway erosion – what methods to use and where to use them.

One thing I appreciate about the Australian dams community is we have a good scientific process going on, where we are regularly reviewing and critiquing each other’s work – usually in a amicable and productive way.  This presentation was given in this spirit – it aimed to be helpful and transparent and I welcome questions.  The presentation slides may not mean that much to those not present, but to those who were and were asking for them, they can be found here (~100MB)


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