Our privacy statement is to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy, and to answer the questions you may have about the way our website collects personal information.

Why does Pells Consulting record IP Addresses?

When a user visits Pells Consulting, our computers record their IP address, in order to prevent spam and fraudulent activity.

What are cookies and why does Pells Consulting use them?

A cookie is a piece of data stored on a user's computer hard drive, containing information about that user. A cookie can only be accessed across the internet by the website that placed it there. Cookies are used by the Pells Consulting website to remember your preferences, to add functionality, and for security.

You may choose to reject a cookie that the Pells Consulting website attempts to place on your computer, however you may then be limited in your use of some areas of the website.

What is "spam" and does Pells Consulting send it?

The widely accepted definition of "spam" is unsolicited commercial email, or in other words, email of a commercial nature that the recipient does not want. Pells Consulting does not send "spam". We will only contact you via email in response to a message that you have sent to Pells Consulting.

If you have received unwanted email sent from Pells Consulting, or purporting to be sent from Pells Consulting, please contact Pells Consulting.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the privacy practices of the Pells Consulting website or your dealings with Pells Consulting. We are committed to being of service to you and resolving any issues that may arise.