Pictorial History

Digitized 35mm slide photographic records of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, The Opera House Carpark and the Eastern Distributor.


Sydney Harbour Tunnel

A pictorial history of investigation and construction, compiled from 35mm slides taken by Philip Pells in 1988 and 1989.

The Opera House

The photographs present various facets of the excavations of the donut-shaped cavern, construction of the concrete helix structure, and monitoring of the cavern.

Eastern Distributor

A few photographs are given of this unusual double-deck tunnel that connects the Sydney CBD to the airport..

Crossing Reports - 1909 Commission Report Royal Commision - Immersed Tube Royal Commission - Tunnel in Rock Royal Commission - Harbour Profile 1909 Harbour Probings - 1909 Commission Inclined drilling for possible dyke Overwater drilling Harbour floor investigations Geophysics traces Rock contours and historic works - north side Details of rock contours - north side Joint directions - North Sydney Milsons Point late 1800s showing excavated slot near old wharf Milsons Point with artist's impression of bridge proposal Early view of Kirribilli from where north pylon now is located Excavation for south footing of the Harbour Bridge Cofferdam on north side Cofferdam on north side Cofferdam on north side Sheet piles driven through fill forming north side cofferdam Inside of north side cofferdam Excavating behind cofferdam Old seawall next to cofferdam - north side Dewatering spear points inside face of cofferdam Flow pumped from cofferdam excavation Excavation on north shore for ventilation building Edge of excavation for ventilation building in relation to the bridge towers Partly completed north towers of Harbour Bridge Western side of ventilation building excavation Commencement of construction of ventilation building Cutoff wall beneath harbourside face of the ventilation building Cutoff wall for ventilation building Cutoff wall beneath harbourside face of ventilation station Harbourside face of ventilation building Walls of the ventilation building Sections for IMT at cofferdam location on north side Matching face for connection to first immersed tube on north side Water filling on land side of cofferdam From top of ventilation building before being covered View to north showing completed ventilation building before cover placed Tipping point for sea dumping on north shore Tipping into barge for sea dumping Spoil going out to sea dumping Completion of an ocean dump North side driven tunnel Portal at north side driven tunnel Launching pilot tunnel TBM Start of the pilot tunnel Thrust fault in pilot tunnel Clay filled shear in pilot tunnel Mapping of pilot tunnel Model made by wrapping pilot tunnel mapping around a dowel Breakout of the pilot tunnel Start of breaking out the north side pilot tunnel Commencement of opening out the north side driven tunnels AM roadheader used for north side tunnels Excavation and support - north side Dredging for the IMT units Harbour floor preparation for IMT units IMT unit dimensions 1909 Commission - subaqueous tunnel Concepts in 1909 commission Preparing harbour bed for IMT units Preparations for IMT sinking Checking sea bed preparation for IMT units Arrival of first IMT unit Immersed tube being moved into position Coffer dam at Opera House forecourt Rock contours at southern IMT interface at Opera House Geology in longitudinal section at southern interface Beneath the Opera House forecourt Southern driven tunnel portal Southern portal Canopy tubes at southern portal Canopy tube drill Canopy tube hole at southern portal Rock cutting with Mitsui S200 in south side tunnels Temporary support north side tunnels South Bound entry north side South Bound entry north side Forming ceiling North Bound exit north side The double helix freestanding in the cavern The location Macquarie Street - imagining where the exit would be Site investigations Access tunnels approaching cavern Access roadways Roadheader cutting Connecting through crown circle The connection with old Bennelong drain in background Cutting at crown level of cavern Continuation of crown excavation Bulldozer in crown to start ripping Bulldoser ripping Crown support Support Tensioning roof anchors Pedestrian tunnel to Opera House forecourt Upper cross core tunnel from entry tunnel Going down, showing ventilation risers Core of donut cavern on right Ventilation tunnels and risers Cross-core tunnels, lower one was moved to another location Helical structure coming up Lift shaft and pedestrian tunnel Dinner at bottom Dinner guests Helix at lowest cross core tunnel Helical structure with pedestrian lift well cut into the rock Instrumentation Joints Settlements after completion of crown span Cutting the central rib to form full roof span Lattice girders in Wooloomooloo Fault Zone Deck planks near Wolllomooloo fault Zone Ramp tunnels to Bondi Structural support for deck through Wollomooloo Fault Zone