Imperial College Lecture Notes

I was privileged to do post-graduate studies in the School of Civil Engineering at Imperial College way back in 1967. It was the golden age of geotechnical engineering at Imperial College and my lecturers included some of the famous names in this field of endeavour, such as Sir Alec Skempton (1914 - 2001), Professor Alan Bishop (1920 - 1988), and Dr's Morgenstern, Hutchinson (1926 - 2011), Simons (1931 - 2006) and Fookes. The lecturers were brilliant, all of them, and they transformed my understanding.

At the time I transcribed my notes quite carefully, and they have been my professional mainstay for 45 years. They are, mostly, not out of date and because none can now have the privilege of hearing Skempton and Bishop et al in full flight, I have scanned my notes and offer them to all who may value the heart of geotechnical engineering.

Alec Skempton

Download PDFStability of Natural Slopes[1.49 MB]

Norbert Morgenstern

Download PDFSeepage Flow[1.77 MB]

Peter Fookes

Download PDFEngineering Geology[5.50 MB]

Noel Simons

Download PDFEarth Pressures[1.18 MB]

Download PDFConsolidation[1.38 MB]

I have not included notes on the topics of Site Investigation, Earthquake Engineering and Rock Mechanics, because much has changed in those disciplines in the last 40 years.