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Pells Consulting was established in 2006 when Dr Philip Pells retired from full time work at the firm he helped establish in 1993, Pells Sullivan Meynink. Since that time he has continued working as a geotechnical consultant on selected projects, such as the failure of the Morwell River Diversion at Yallourn, dams at the Hazelwood Power Station, and rehabilitation of the Balikera water supply tunnel near Newcastle NSW.

When Steven Pells commenced his PhD studies in 2011 on the he came on board, doing consulting work to supplement his grant. Projects included a 3D groundwater models for the Sutton Forest area south of Sydney, 3D modelling for a dredging dispute in East Arm , Darwin, and safety assessment for the Narara dam on the Central Coast, NSW.

Now that he has submitted his PhD he will lead up Pells Consulting as a vehicle for specialist consulting in hydraulics, hydrology and groundwater.

Philip will continue his consulting work, and pursue his interests in the history of engineering. In 2009, he and Philip J. Hammon, published "The Burning Mists of Time”, and in 2011 he published “The Sydney Opera House Car Park and The Double Helix". The logo for Pells Consulting is a rendering of a double helix, indicating the interaction between earth and water.

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